• "SimplyRaise has made my fundraising life easier! They are extremely easy to work with and will go to all lengths to help meet your need. Their professionalism and customer service is beyond exceptional. I would recommend SimplyRaise to any organization intending to simplify their event management!"
    - Katie Cassidy of Hope House of Colorado

What we do

Are you crowdfunding? If not, consider the many advantages of this engaging approach to fundraising and friendraising.

First, what exactly is crowdfunding? By definition, crowdfunding is a technique that uses existing social networks to increase brand awareness and raise money. Charitable organizations use crowdfunding to create viral campaigns targeted to networks of advocates in order to increase awareness and fundraise for their causes.

More importantly, crowdfunding is a cost-effective yet highly creative and interactive tool for charitable organizations. Use it to better engage advocates. Create new and different kinds of campaigns that are more visible, timely and flexible than traditional fundraising campaigns.

Finally, crowdfunding using a tool such as SimplyRaise is a safe means of fundraising. Your advocates, the people doing the crowdfunding on your behalf, never touch the money. All monies raised go directly to your organization.

To learn more please see our Crowdfunding White Paper.